Author de' Sommi, Leone
Title Quattro dialoghi in materia di rappresentazioni sceniche
Publishing Location
Year [1568]
Number of Pages
Publishing Country ITA
Publishing Language ITA

Work composed in the second half of the sixteenth century and preserved as manuscript. Only an eighteenth-century copy remains at the Biblioteca Palatina di Parma (codex 2664).
Three hypotheses have been made on the date: around 1556, 1568 and 1585. The second seems most likely in light of the considerations made by Ferruccio Marotti in his Nota sulla datazione in the edition of the work (Leone de' Sommi, Quattro dialoghi in materia di rappresentazioni sceniche, ed. by F. Marotti, Milano, Il Polifilo, 1968).
The third of the four dialogs is entirely dedicated to acting and represents the longest and most important sixteenth-century known work on the subject. It was published by Luigi Rasi in the first volume of Comici italiani, Firenze, Fratelli Bocca, 1897, pp. 107-116.
The second and third dialog were published by Anton Giulio Bragaglia in 1926 in Illustrazione teatrale.
The complete work was published in Milan in the above mentioned edition of 1968, edited by Ferruccio Marotti.

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- Leone Ebreo de' Sommi's Four dialogues on stage presentations: a translation with introduction and notes, by Catherine Anne Blanchard-Rothmuller, Ann Arbor, UMI, 1979 (reproduction of the Ph.D. thesis presented to the Indiana University in 1973) (see)

French: Quatre dialogues en matière de représentations théâtrales; traduit de l'italien par Françoise Decroisette, Paris, Ed.  Rampazzo & Associés, 1992 (see)

Spanish: Tiziana Mazzucato, El arte de la puesta en escena, Vigo, Academia del Hispanismo, 2010. Includes the translation of the Leone de' Sommi's dialogs and of Della poesia rappresentativa by Angelo Ingegneri (see).


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