The Catalogue

The Catalogue contains the files relating to the acting treatises that have appeared since the ancient age to today, and the main texts connected to these treatises. The filing allows to have the list of works by age, language, country. It shows the essential editorial data of each work, useful to reconstruct its spreading history and fortune: it starts from the first edition and continues with the "notes" that point the subsequent editions and the first translations in the main languages, to end with the indication of the most recent editions that are the most updated tools for consultation and reading. Finally, where available,  links allowing an immediate online consultation of the work in the various editions and translations are published.



The initial works core, identified in the first research phase, includes 1490 texts and the number is obviously increasing. The identification of texts led to the progressive collection of data, following criteria that may vary according to documentation and updating of library catalogs availability. The greatest attention is devoted to the oldest editions and translations, and the processing phase of each file can be more or less advanced or updated depending on the circumstances of its working or the events of the text (normally, for example, partial translations are not reported, which however are indicated when they take on particular importance for the history of the work). No file is considered definitive and periodic integrations are scheduled.



The catalogue is published in two versions, Italian and English. The first group of files, published in May 2011, regards the Western area acting treatises and related texts, which appeared between 1500 and 1760. A second group of files (1761-1800) was made available in May 2012 together with the XIX century.

Prof. Claudio Vicentini, Prof. Lorenzo Mango

Scientific Committee
Prof. Arnold Aronson (Columbia University), Prof.ssa Silvia Carandini (Università di Roma, La Sapienza), Prof. Marco De Marinis (Università di Bologna), Prof.ssa Mara Fazio (Università di Roma, La Sapienza), Prof. Siro Ferrone (Università di Firenze), Prof. Pierre Frantz (Université Paris Sorbonne), Prof.ssa Flavia Pappacena (Accademia Nazionale di Danza), Prof.ssa Sandra Pietrini (Università di Trento), Prof. Willmar Sauter (Stockholms Universitet), Prof. Paolo Sommaiolo (Università di Napoli “L’Orientale”)

Barbara Valentino

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