Robert Lepage is one of the world's most celebrated directors. His accomplishments in theatre, cinema, and opera place him among the vanguard of internationally recognized authors. Starting by the analysis of Lepage's means of stage writing (video, screens, projections, live filtering of sounds and voice), this article examines the relationships between actor and technology. Rehearsals and performance making process of the most important Lepage's works (Le polygraphe, Elseneur, La face cachée de la lune, Lipsynch) are here analyzed in a very practical way. This article focuses strictly on the instruments that the actor uses to create his own stage writing: body, voice, movement. It also deal with the definition given by Lepage himself about the double nature (physical and “bidimensional”) that actors have to embody in his theatre.


Salvatore Margiotta è dottore di ricerca in Storia del teatro moderno e contemporaneo. Nel 2010 ha vinto un assegno di ricerca per il progetto “Archivio internazionale trattati di recitazione” presso il Dipartimento di Studi Letterari e Linguistici dell’Europa dell’Università “L’Orientale” di Napoli. Attualmente collabora con la cattedra di Storia del teatro moderno e contemporaneo de “L’Orientale” di Napoli ed è redattore di «Acting Archives». oblivium.11@libero.it


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