Lorenzo Gleijeses is one of the italian's most interesting actor during last years. His work on performative action and gestual acting places him among the really recognized artists of his generation. Following in his father's footsteps He started to work in theatre very soon as actor inserted into the mainstream system. On 2002 Gleijeses met Julia Varley from Odin Theatret during a workshop: an event that changed completely his way of thinking about the actor’s role in creating spectacles. As shown by some spectacles (Il figlio di Gertrude, Una giornata qualunque del danzatore Greogorio Samsa, Corcovado) a long timed process connected to the presence of a contemporary master-stage director became the pivotal tool which Gleijeses created his works. This article focuses strictly on the historical dynamics and performances that are here analyzed trying to take stock from debut until last plays.


Salvatore Margiotta è ricercatore in Storia del Teatro Moderno e Contemporaneo. È autore dei volumi Il nuovo teatro in Italia 1968-1975 (Titivillus, 2013) e La geografia del Nuovo Teatro in Campania 1963-1976 (Terre Blu, 2019). Ha scritto diversi saggi tra cui La scena moderna nel dibattito critico italiano alla fine degli anni Sessanta («Culture teatrali»), Il Living Theatre in Italia, Lo spettacolo è un appuntamento. Il teatro di Roberto Latini e Fortebraccio Teatro, La pratica dell'eterodirezione nel teatro di Fanny & Alexander («Acting Archives Review»).


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