Author Noverre, Jean Georges
Title The Works of Monsieur Noverre, Translated from the French
Publishing Location London
Year [1782] 1783
Publisher G. Robinson
Number of Pages 3 voll.
Publishing Country GBR
Publishing Language ENG

Vol. 1-2: An Essay on the Art of Dancing. The first volume includes three letters from Voltaire to Noverre dated 1763, 1764 and 1772.
Vol. 3: The Danaides, or the Daughters of Danaus; Rinaldo and Armida; Adela of Ponthieu; The Graces; The Horatii abd Curiatii; Agamemnon revenged; Apelles and Campaspe, or the Self-Conquest of Alexander; The Amours of Venus, or Vulcan's Revenge; Alceste, or the Triumph of Conjugal Love.


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