Author Scala, Flaminio
Title Prologo della comedia del Finto Marito
Publishing Location Venezia
Year 1618
Publisher Andrea Baba
Edition I
Number of Pages 5
Publishing Country ITA
Publishing Language ITA

PUBLISHED IN: Ferruccio Marotti and Giovanna Romei (ed. by), La professione del teatro, Roma, Bulzoni, 1991, pp. 58-62.

In the notes to the text, the comedy Il Finto Marito is dated 1618 and presents not one, but two prologues with the same characters, Comico and Forestiero. The first prologue is entitled Prologo della Comedia del Finto Marito, the second Prologo per recitare. Both are cited in Marotti's text, but in different sections (the second is on pp. 552-554). The subjects and the dates are the same. Our hypothesis is that the second prologue, which is more succint and conventional, may be the result of a specific demand of the commissioner, don Giovanni de' Medici, who supervised the printing of Scala's comedy.

Also published in Ferruccio Marotti (ed. by), Il teatro delle favole rappresentative, 2 voll., Milano, Il Polifilo, 1976, I, pp. CXIII-CXIV (Appendix).

Commedie dei comici of the arte, ed. by Laura Falavolti, Torino, Unione Tipografico-Editrice Torinese, 1982. Includes Lo schiavetto by Giovan Battista Andreini and Il finto marito by Flaminio Scala.

La commedia dell'arte, ed. by Renzo Guardenti and Cesare Molinari, Roma, Istituto poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato, 1999. Includes Il teatro delle favole rappresentative and Il finto marito by Flaminio Scala.


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