Author Schröder, Friedrich Ludwig
Title Gesetze des Hamburgischen Deutschen Theaters
Publishing Location
Year 1792
Publisher Maurer
Number of Pages mar-22
Publishing Country DEU
Publishing Language GER

As newly reinstated director of the Hamburg Theater, in 1786, Schröder introduced significant reforms in the organization and made clear to actors their rights and duties, showing how firmly he believed the importance of "morals", a trait that typically accompanies the development of the new bourgeois actor.

A new version of Gesetze is published by Meyer in his biography of Schröder: Friedrich Ludwig Schröder. Beitrag zur Kunde des Menschen und des Künstlers. In zwei Theilen, edited by F. L. W. Meyer, Hamburg, Hoffmann und Campe, 1819, vol. 2, pp. 232-248; Hamburg, Campe, 1823.
Online text: ED. 1819 - ED. 1823

Differences with respect to the first edition:
- the rules for actors are 47 instead of 48;
- the rules on plays are 7 instead of 10;
- the rules for the hairdresser are 5 instead of 4.


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